History of Glenville and Cashiers – Western North Carolina

Welcome to a time when the communities of Glenville and Cashiers were the scene of nature’s glory, when snowflakes could be heard and the only footprints to be seen were those of the Cherokee and the wild animals and critters of the forests. Welcome to a time when only the seasons could change the environment. To a time when there were no houses, no highways and no noises except for the birds and the wind.

On this backdrop, discover for yourself how Glenville and Cashiers came to be. Discover the very first white settlers to arrive on the high plateau of Glenville, Cashiers, Whiteside Cove, Horse Cove, Fairfield, Georgetown, Sapphire, Hogback Valley and Toxaway. Meet your family roots and come to know their European origins, their personalities, struggles and personal ambitions. See who owned your land first with maps drawn by the author showing the locations of the original Land Grants. Learn how the creeks and mountain tops got their names.

Take a journey through time and learn the untold secrets of the land records, archives, census records and old newspapers in her two books on the history of Cashiers, NC and Glenville, NC. The Author, Carol M. Bryson, takes you through a comprehensive chronological telling of every new settler and their family who chose to make theses mountain valleys their homestead. Through her more than forty years of research, during a career in land surveying and law, the Author depicts on her color maps, the placements of early land grants from the state government’s first surveys; and brings to light the surveying practices of the pioneer unlicensed mountain surveyors. The light hearted and sometimes shocking local mountain stories and tales are verified and intertwined throughout the two volumes with personal sketches, bringing the forefathers to life.

Carol M. Bryson’s Volume One of “Glenville and Cashiers From The Records” first published in 2014, is a smash hit with tons of new historical information on the lives of the first Settlers of both Cashiers and Glenville, up to about the year 1845, then concentrates with the citizens and historical happenings of the growing Village of Hamburg, along the Tuckasegee River, that expanded to the wide breadth of Hamburg Township with its communities of Pine Creek, Norton, Big Ridge and Trout Creek. The Reader can evolve with that growth through the change of name to Glenville, following its history all the way to the time of the forced removal of its citizens to make way for the construction of Lake Glenville.

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Carol M. Bryson’s Volume Two of “Glenville and Cashiers From The Records” is the long awaited just published history that concentrates on the untold history of Cashiers, beginning with the remnants of two Cherokee villages and the secrets of mineral riches discovered by the first Setters of Cashiers, Horse Cove, Georgetown, Fairfield and Toxaway; taking the Reader on a journey through the decades of the mining, timbering and the formation of several grand scale tourism destinations, derived through the Author’s researching of authenticated records and the weaving of generations of local tales and stories.

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Carol M. Bryson’s Volume One of “Glenville and Cashiers From The Records” ties into her earlier graphic color map she created back in 1991, in conjunction with the 100th birthday of the incorporation of the Glenville Village, on which she shows the actual locations of the earliest settlers who came to live in the Hamburg Village now under Lake Glenville. The locations are hand drawn showing the roads, stores, schools and churches from the time period of 1827 to 1940 that were in the Village up to the time of the dam construction.  For those who want to see it, you may visit the Glenville Community Center or the conference room at the Albert Carlton Library in Cashiers, North Carolina.  Another is displayed at the Jackson County Library in Sylva, North Carolina. For those who would like to have one of their own, you can order a registered laminated print for a price of $250.00, or a satin bond print for a price of $225.00, including packaging and shipping by clicking the “Add to Cart” button.  Size of the map is 28″ H x 55″ W.

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Glenville and Cashiers From The Records

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